We Bring ERO and Tax Client Together

TaxTC uOne is changing the game for EROs through workflow automation, enhanced client experience, and integrated capabilities to give EROs a complete virtual tax preparation software solutions.

Take your Virtual Tax Office on the road with the TaxTC uOne.

Your tax business doesn’t have to come to a standstill when you’re on the go. With the TaxTC uOne, your clients can reach you wherever you are using your separate business phone number. This means greater tax business continuity and the best possible service for your clients.

Bring your team and tax clients together with the TaxTC uOne.

As you grow and scale your tax business with more tax preparers, TaxTC uOne will allow you to run your virtual tax office communications on a single platform while delivering a very high standard of reliability, security, and quality.

Conduct One-on-One interview with your tax client.

With uOne online interview and screen sharing solution, you have the freedom to conduct interview and build stronger relationships with your tax clients. Easily share files and set up tasks to keep client tax return files moving forward. Seamlessly transition between chat, file sharing, video, and web meetings.

A Powerful Virtual Tax Office

TaxTC ERO Cloud integrates e-filing, e-payment, e-signature, file storage, phone, video, meetings, and messaging in one reliable, easy-to-use virtual tax office in the Cloud.

Plans & Pricing

When you sign up for TaxTC ERO Membership Club, you automatically get your own free website. If you need a cloud phone system with integrated video conferencing, team messaging, and more for your virtual tax office, you can buy it starting for $39.99 a month.  The TaxTC ERO membership plan you purchase determines your buy rates. For more information, visit our Tax ERO Membership Club page.


Note: A valid EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) is required to use TaxTC’s products.  TaxTC does not provide EFINs. For information on how to obtain your EFIN, visit the FAQ’s page on the IRS website.

Choose the TaxTC uOne plan that’s right for you.

No commitment required. Cancel anytime.

Simply look through our TaxTC uOne plans and decide which one best meets your firm’s needs. If you need more help making the decision, give us a call! We are happy to help you decide which plan is right for you and get started today.


From day one, TaxTC has really been a partner to us. We feel protected by them and we are also very supported. TaxTC made it easy for us to convert our brick-and-mortar tax firm to a virtual tax firm for individuals and businesses across the United States.


Nia & Peter Bowman


A sales advisor will contact you for a personalized, informative demo on the key features and benefits of the TaxTC uOne system.

TaxTC ERO Support

TaxTC ERO Support

All TaxTC ERO Membership Club plans include priority in-house support whenever you need it. Contact us anytime, we’re here to help.